Who We Are

The Friends of the Aberdeen B&O Train Station, Inc. is a non-profit consisting of mainly lifelong Aberdeen residents.  It is dedicated to the History and Preservation of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s only existing station on the Philadelphia Subdivision.  The B & O Railroad was America’s first railroad, and the Aberdeen Station was an integral part of it!  It will be the only publicly accessible historic building in Aberdeen when rehabilitated.

The station was marked to be torn down in 2003. Luckily, a last minute agreement was made by CSX and the Historical Society of Harford County to save the building from demolition.  In September 2016, the Aberdeen Room Museum & Archives took over the project to restore the train station from the Historical Society of Harford County. During that time, private contributions and several grants were obtained to fund the project. Then, in June 2020, a new non-profit was officially formed, The Friends of the Aberdeen B&O Train Station, Inc., whose focus is solely the rehabilitation and restoration of the train station. 

In short, The Friends of the Aberdeen B&O Train Station, Inc. is a group of dedicated people, hopeful that the restored train station will serve as an educational and economic catalyst for the present and future of Aberdeen, Maryland.


Board Members 2022-23

Pete Dacey, President

Bob Tarring, Vice President

Chuck Jacobs, Treasurer

Rick Herbig

Wally Hawtin

Ed Brady