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Restoration Progress UPDATE!!!

April 19, 2022

The Friends of the Aberdeen B&O Train Station, Inc. received news on April 12th that Governor Lawrence J. Hogan and the 2022 Maryland General Assembly has awarded $850,000 in State bonds for the Historic Aberdeen B&O Train Station Restoration Project.  The Board of Directors vision to resurrect the Train Station as Aberdeen’s Historic Gateway of our City and America’s Railroading Heritage is methodically developing clarity and awareness of value and proper standing in the community.

Senator Robert Cassilly and Delegate Steven Johnson led the effort with support by the Harford County Delegation.  We’re grateful and thankful to all involved in supporting our efforts to obtain this award, especially Governor Hogan.

The Friends of the Aberdeen B&O Train Station, Inc. was created in June of 2020 to preserve, restore, and reuse the historic Aberdeen B&O Train Station. The Historical Society of Harford County completed phase I which relocated and temporary stabilized the Station. Phase I was funded by the Maryland Historical Trust, Preservation Maryland, The Historical Society of Harford County, foundations and private donors. Phase II, costing $230,000, was completed in 2021 and included permanent structural stabilization of 75% of the station.

The Aberdeen B&O Station was constructed in 1885 and designed by the noted architect Frank H. Furness. The Aberdeen B&O Station is one of only two surviving stations that Mr. Furness designed for the B&O railroad. The station is eligible for the Maryland Register of Historic Properties as well as National Register of Historic Places.

This new state funding will allow Phase III to commence. This includes finishing the remaining stabilization of the building and replacing the slate roof.  Once those are completed, the entire exterior of the building will be rehabilitated by replacing or repairing windows, doors, brick work and shingle siding to bring the appearance back to the building’s construction in 1885.

The train station was central to the economy and culture of the city of Aberdeen for many generations. When the train line expanded in 1886 with the completion of the Susquehanna River bridge, the B&O connected Baltimore to Philadelphia and New York.  This resulted in freight and passenger service becoming available to Aberdeen. The station was a key factor in the city’s canning industry as the canneries shipped their products nationwide.

In 1917, the federal government’s establishment of the Aberdeen Proving Ground made the B&O station important for transporting troops, military weaponry, and supplies.  Post World War I, train line expansion allowed for citizens and freight to depart and arrive at the Aberdeen B&O station to reach cities such as Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chicago.  In 1958, passenger service on the line ended and the station was no longer used.

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